Push to ACH

Our standard option for your basic Payout needs.

Trusted and Familiar

Bank transfers are trusted and familiar to your customers.


A more cost-effective option for your less time sensitive transactions.

Higher Limits

Bank transfers can support higher per-transaction limits (above $10,000).

How it works

2 steps to transfer funds to a bank account

1. Tokenize the bank account

Payout provides bank tokenizations for your convenience.

Simplify your integration with our Javascript Library.

curl -X POST https://$API_TOKEN@sandbox.payout.com/v1/bank_accounts \
-d "name=John Smith" \
-d "account_number=111111111" \
-d "ach_routing_number=120000003" \
-d "account_type=checking"
-d "account_class=personal"
"token": "BTFNkgkInM4bBEkDAScg7cc1",
"state": "ready",
"created_at": 1414711429

2. Credit the bank account

Simply send the tokenized bank account the amount you wish to credit (in cents) and the money will be in the bank account owner's account by next day!

You have the ability to view all of these transactions in your company's Dashboard. Sign up in seconds!

curl -X POSThttps://$API_TOKEN:$API_SECRET@sandbox.payout.com/v1/bank_accounts/BTFNkgkInM4bBEkDAScg7cc1/credit \
-d "amount=100" \
"token": "BTFNkgkInM4bBEkDAScg7cc1",
"state": "cleared",
"amount": 100,
"created_at": 1414711429