Push to card

Payouts that are faster and more convenient.


Be one of the first to offer instant payouts to cards.

High Coverage

We provide up to 80% coverage of debit cards in the U.S.

PCI Compliant

Simplify your compliance needs by using our PCI Compliant tokenization process.

How it works

2 steps to instantly send a Payout

1. Tokenize the card

To simplify your PCI DSS compliance, Payout provides card tokenization. This allows you to send card numbers directly to us from your client without touching your servers.

Securely send card data to us using our Javascript Library.

curl -X POST https://$API_TOKEN@sandbox.payout.com/v1/cards \
-d "name=John Smith" \
-d "card_number=4111111111111111" \
-d "exp_month=10" \
-d "exp_year=16"
"token": "CTFNkgkInM4bBEkDAScg7cc1",
"state": "ready",
"last_four": "1111",
"brand": "visa",
"created_at": 1414711429

2. Credit the card

Simply send the tokenized card the amount you wish to credit (in cents) and the money will be in the cardholder's account before they know it!

Using Ruby? Simplify your integration with our Ruby Library.

You have the ability to view all of these transactions in your company's Dashboard. Sign up in seconds!

curl -X POSThttps://$API_TOKEN:$API_SECRET@sandbox.payout.com/v1/cards/CTFNkgkInM4bBEkDAScg7cc1/credit \
-d "amount=100" \
"token": "CTFNkgkInM4bBEkDAScg7cc1",
"state": "cleared",
"amount": 100,
"created_at": 1414711429